My True Motivation for Science Fridays

First, I have to be honest.   I LOVE science!!!  I love the connections students make to science.  I love the way science can be used as a vehicle for excitement in school.   I love how independent and assertive ALL children are in science despite difficulties in other subjects.

I hold “Science Friday” every Friday, without exception.  Many who observe the students taking part in science exploration stations would think that my intention was to engage students in science experiments.  To a certain extent….yes!

My true motivation for Science Friday is the parents.  Each Friday, I invite the parents into the classroom to participate in the science lesson.  For me, it’s not the science or even the student collaboration that I see as I navigate the classroom.

I see parents engaging with their child.  I see parents getting a window into the classroom and seeing positive experiences happening every week.  I see an opportunity to bridge the gap between school and home.

This is so much more than science.  This is about the parents.  I love opening my classroom door to parents, and I truly feel like parents should feel welcome in our classroom any time.

Open your classroom door and see what might happen.  Let’s continue to be stewards of ALL learners!

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