Instagram and the Classroom

Each school year, I have decided to implement at least one major change to how I use technology in Education.  This year, I have looked at my use of social media.

Three years ago, I created a class Facebook page.  It has been amazing!  Grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles have all started following the page and posting positive remarks about how much they enjoy seeing their child learning and working in school.  It represents an opportunity their parents may not have had.

Two years ago, I created a Twitter page!  Wow!  What Facebook lacked in professional connections, Twitter definitely made up for.  Twitter has an entirely different “feel”.  The possibilities seem endless.  Would you like to connect with the author The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  Go for it!  Want to connect with a classroom in another country?  You got it!  How about read free professional development articles?  All at your fingertips.  And I have only begun to tap into the amazing benefits of Twitter.

This year, while standing in the shower (why do so many ideas come to us in the shower??  I heard it was because your mind is free to wander and not mired down in problems of the day) , I had the idea to start an instagram page devoted to math all around.  I started using the hashtag #mathallround, and I took pictures of things in nature that struck me as mathematical.   So far, I’ve recorded “Fibonacci flowers”, shapes, bridges, butterflies, and many more.  My goal is for students to see that math is all around us.

I have heard that many wonderful educators are using snapchat in the classroom.  There has been a lot of awesome discussion on Twitter about booksnaps.  Perhaps, my goal for educational technology next year will be in that direction.  I can’t wait to see what new technology can help my students grow.

Until next time, let’s continue being stewards of ALL learners.

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